Your Search for Great Graphics Ends Here.

When you want great graphics… I mean when you’re really zeroed in on finding that one piece of art that sings… you probably know what it’s like to sift through endless piles of crappy designs (Dogecoin, anyone)?

Hello, my name is Ninja Guy and I run this studio with my trusty partner, Ninja Girl. You don’t know me yet but I am a real person. I currently live in Hong Kong and this year I chose to bring professional graphics to the Cryptosphere and rid the space of crappy artwork, one design at a time.

*Cue dramatic music*

I Felt So Embarrassed.

Being the crypto and art lover that I am, I always had high hopes in my head for how the Crypto World should look like. Futuristic. Flashy. That Neo-Tokyo sort of vibe, filled with cool innovation and new tech.

But when I dove into Telegram and saw troves of lame, uninspiring projects that just copy-pasted one another, I began to cringe. I felt embarrassed… I felt like crypto was a joke and that’s why I was afraid to talk about it seriously.

So I began. to ask myself a vital question: How could I turn this space around so people would adopt crypto more?

So I turned to what I knew—graphic design.

One day, I opened myself up to a close friend who illustrates for a large comic company. He listened carefully and recommended an entirely different approach. This wasn’t just another “make graphics” pitch. It was a unique new way of creating graphics, fueled by taking people’s visions of what they wanted their project to look like—and creating something that would blow them out of the water.

With my background in studying artistic specialists who worked with large brands, I took legends such as Hayao Miyazaki, Charles M. Schultz, and Quentin Blake, and reverse-engineered their genius.

It changed the way I perceived illustration forever…

A New Approach.

It was around late-2020 when I started thinking about this approach of graphic design.

Within the first couple months, I crafted my own graphic designs for a friend involved in his first crypto project.

And it was a success! Everyone loved the artwork I made. And they wanted to know who the artist was behind the designs they saw.

But then the crypto project hired new management. The management team decided to cut costs and find “free” graphics or pay little for C-level work.

The result? The project lost its popularity… and I was disappointed. During the months that followed, my thoughts began to ponder around how I could use my talents as an artist to truly transform the crypto world. Being a crypto lover myself, I combined my talents as an artist and love for crypto… and to me, it was like bread and butter.

Ever since, crypto graphics has never been better.

The reason my idea worked was simple: Effective illustration is not only the quality of graphics that one creates, but how well it fits its target audience.

Too many graphic designers drew up whatever they thought looked nice, without understanding what type of audience they wanted to attract—be it a yield farmer, degen ape, innovation geek, or responsible stablecoin yielder.

How do YOU value effective graphics?

The Secret to Creating Amazing Crypto Design.

See, creating design for crypto projects isn’t just about hiring anyone. That will never really work out very well.

The secret is to understand the dreams and visions of each project founder. Really take your time to understand what direction they want to head in:

  • Do they want to convey themselves as an eco-friendly, world-changing project?
  • A project that will outcompete others like Pancakeswap and Alchemix that came before them?
  • Or do they simply want to create stunning visuals that tell their own story?

And then match up their vision with the audience. Only then you can create illustrations that resonate with the audience.

And that’s exactly what Ninja Design Studio does.

That’s why we’ll never jump straight into the pricing. We want every piece of artwork we create to have meaning and leave others wanting more. We craft your vision based on what works.

My illustrations must be the best kept secret for crypto enthusiasts. Because, up until now, 99% of projects are just copy-and-pasted from each other.

Ninja Design Studio has been a long-time secret between a few close friends and their projects. So it’s crypto-tested. This is the first time it’s been available to the public.

What You'll Get.

Just to name a few of the benefits you’re getting…

  • Never again will you stare at your project wishing you hired a professional graphic designer.
  • Never again will you waste money on hiring an expensive illustrator who does not understand your business (or know what Ethereum is).
  • Never again will you waste time when trying to design on your own graphics on MS Paint (we’ve all been there).
  • You’ll have access to the best team of artists whose works are being used right now on the market.
  • You’ll have access to a team of ninjas who will stick with your project for the long-haul, offering advice on branding, content direction, or marketing.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much your project blows its competition out of the water.

You can get any illustration, Telegram sticker, video, article, NFT, or logo you can dream of.

I’m 100% sure you’ll love it. In fact, I’m so confident you might think I’m nuts.

Here’s why…

We’ll send out your artwork and within 3 days if you don’t love it, let me know. I’ll give you back all your money and you can keep the artwork we’ve created for you, too. So, the worst-case scenario is you get free graphics for 3 days.

The best case: Everyone starts beating down your door asking where you got your freakin’ sweet graphics from.

If that sounds good to you, just give me a shout via Email or Telegram.

I think you’ll love it as well.

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