Got In a Pickle? We Reveal 8 Best Design Pickle Alternatives

Find better graphic design tools than Design Pickle.
Today, we’re revealing 7 Design Pickle alternatives. These online competitors to Design Pickle offer pretty neat subscriptions.
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According to U.S. Census data and the NHCS (Simmons National Consumer Survey), nearly 246 million Americans devoured pickles last year.

A crunchy dill statistic, but irrelevant to this discussion (we feel you, lonely pickle in the jar).

On the Other Hand, This Statistic Means Something:

Current market research shows that 49% of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) rated graphic design as very important to their success.

Here’s another one:

In 2021, the global graphic design market size is predicted to reach $41.8 billion.

And I thought Kosher dills packed the biggest punch.

If graphic design is important to your success, you may be familiar with Design Pickle. They’re well-known online for unlimited graphic design subscriptions at fixed prices.

Today, we’re revealing 8 Design Pickle alternatives. These online competitors to Design Pickle offer pretty neat subscriptions. So, before you open a Design Pickle jar, here’s food for thought.

Being well-known doesn’t necessarily mean a graphic design subscription service is the best.

In some cases, Design Pickle competitors offer better (tastier!) graphic design services. For example, some cater to small businesses and entrepreneurs, while others promise prioritized graphic design subscriptions for larger agencies and enterprises.

Keep reading to find your recipe for success with an alternative to Design Pickle. But first, in case you were wondering…

What Is Design Pickle, Again?

The Design Pickle homepage says it’s The Leading Graphic Design Subscription with a million+ graphic design requests to date. Very impressive!

Design Pickle hails from Scottsdale, Arizona. They currently employ 700+ team members working on-site and remote in most global time zones, and designers only get hired after being carefully vetted.

As CEO Russ Perry (Founder of Design Pickle) puts it, “Since the beginning, Design Pickle has been committed to changing lives through creativity…” and there’s a whack of creativity going on here.

Since we’re examining other choices than Design Pickle, here are some details about them to assist in the comparison.

Design Pickle Graphic Design Plans

  • Pro plan offers advanced graphic design and same-day service for the first draft
  • Scale plan has 1-2 day turnaround for more straightforward projects
  • Custom illustrations are a separate plan at an additional $995/month
  • Presentation Design is $1,495/month (custom PPT or Google Slide decks)
  • A library of stock images and graphics from Unsplash is included (stock Getty Images for an extra $25 per month)


  • Pro plan offers real-time Slack channel communication with a designer “24/5” (24 hours, Monday to Friday)
  • Scale plan includes messaging and updates with your appointed designer on Design Pickle’s platform

Money-Back Guarantee

You get a full refund if you’re not satisfied after 30 days—with conditions. 

For example, at least two design tasks must get completed by your designer, and you must review all revision attempts before you get to sign the project back as unacceptable. 

Unfortunately, design Pickle doesn’t offer a free trial.

Design Pickle Reviews

To be unbiased, we found two reviews from Design Pickle customers—one positive, one not so. We’ve taken snippets from these posts with links to the full reviews below.

Design Pickle Positive Review (excerpt): 

3 weeks ago

My agency has been working with Design Pickle for over a year. As a small digital agency, Design Pickle has been a lifesaver! The designers we’ve worked with have been responsive, professional, and usually get the job done within 1-2 revisions.

Full review

Design Pickle Negative Review (excerpt):

2 years ago

This company is a scam that advertises unlimited design but they only give you one design per business day max and it is terrible work with no effort put into it. This is not unlimited, it is 20 graphics per month with over one week turnaround time for each project. 

Full Review and Company Response

There’s a broad spectrum of satisfaction and disappointment for you, but most people don’t trust a company’s reputation when all online reviews are 5-star perfect anyways. 

Without further delay, how does Design Pickle’s competition slice up?

Design Pickle Alternatives

Although our Design Pickle competitors number from 1-8, they aren’t ranked best to last. Here’s how we structured our comparison of other graphic design subscription services:

  • A brief competitor intro to start
  • Side-by-side Design Pickle pricing versus competitor
  • Pros of using competitor  
  • Cons of using competitor 
  • And finally…wait for it…our handy comparison table at the end!

We also include portfolio samples from our Design Pickle competitors to spice this party up.

Let’s get slicin’ with the first company on our Design Pickle alternatives list!

1. Ninja Design Studio

Ninja Design Studio began its roots in 2020 and grew at a rapid pace. Unlike the other studios on this list, Ninja Design Studio offers high quality images that aren’t bland cookie-cutter carbon copies from others on the internet.

While most offerings are for one-off graphics, Ninja Design Studio does offer a monthly plan based on your specific needs:

  • B-Rank includes one standard Ninja designer
  • A-Rank includes one Pro-level Ninja designer
  • S-Rank includes two Pro-level Ninja Designers

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleNinja Design Studio
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
B-Rank: $1499/MonthA-Rank:
S-Rank: $4999/Month

Ninja Design Studio Pros:

  • Top-notch quality. Great for original and custom graphics that stand out
  • Custom illustrations, animations, and video also provided
  • Extremely responsive and helpful customer service
  • Accepts Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency

Ninja Design Studio Cons:

  • Can be a bit pricey
  • No free trial

Ninja Design Studio Sample:

2. Digifloat

Digifloat began in 2019 from their home base in India, and their global reach is growing. Digifloat’s founder Jaideep and his international team do creative design, web development, and content.

Jaideep is very accessible. You can reach out and arrange a conversation with him through Digifloat’s live chat.

They offer three monthly pricing plans based on active task allowances:

  • Standard plan offers two active tasks at once
  • Pro plan offers three active tasks at once
  • Agency plan offers four active tasks at once

All plans include unlimited design requests and revisions, a dedicated designer and account manager, and Digifloat also promises “100% Human Support” available around the clock.

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleDigifloat
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Standard: $399/MonthPro:
Agency: $999/Month
30-day money-back guarantee
15-day money-back guarantee

Digifloat Pros:

  • Design logos and branded graphics in all plans
  • Pro plan includes web design, app UI/UX design, HTML, CSS, JS, and WordPress
  • Agency plan also includes animated video creating/editing

Digifloat Cons:

  • No free trial
  • A smaller design team could be problematic for advanced design customers
  • No same-day service for advanced design projects, average turnaround is up to 2 business days

Digifloat Sample:

3. Penji

Penji broke ground virtually as a grassroots initiative, and they continue to support communities in need through relief projects. Penji’s graphic design services include web and print design, logos, apps, illustrations, and infographics.

While Penji gives, they’ve also gotten (as in big). Their brands include Express, Lyft, 1800-Flowers, Reebok, Pepboys, and the University of Pennsylvania. Penji is also selective: they only hire 2% of their designer applicants.

Penji offers these pricing plan tiers:

  • Pro features unlimited graphic design, one designer, and a 2-day turnaround
  • Team includes Pro features plus illustrations and UX/UI
  • Agency includes all features plus two designers and prioritized support

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PicklePenji
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Agency: $899/Month
30-day money-back guarantee
15-day money-back guarantee

Penji Pros:

  • No-strings-attached, money-back guarantee 
  • Quarterly and annual payment options available on each tier for cost savings off of monthly price: Quarterly plans = 15% savings and Annual plans = 25% savings

Penji Cons:

  • No free trial
  • No dedicated account manager
  • No video editing, programming, animations, or motion graphics

Penji Sample:

4. Kapa99

Kapa99’s backstory is cool. In 2014, founder Ka Kei Ho envisioned a graphic design outsourcing business. Kapa99 stands for his name “Ka,” “pa” for his wife, Paola, and 99 for “unlimited.” 

Kapa99 is a self-described “plug and play graphic design team” for smaller customers with no in-house marketing. They claim to save customers up to $45,000 annually and the potential for 100 person-hours saved per month.

Kapa99 offers one simple, flat rate Business plan on unlimited graphic design projects and unlimited revisions. Turnaround is 1-2 business days. 

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleKapa99
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Business Plan:
30-day money-back guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee

Kapa99 Pros:

  • 15-day free trial on sign up and no-strings, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Introductory pricing of $249/month for the first two months 
  • Their designers work solely for Kapa99, and 80% of designers work from EST time zones
  • Support team available 24/7

Kapa99 Cons:

  • Limited service: they don’t offer website design, mobile apps, video graphics, HTML/CSS (or any programming), or UI/UX
  • Kapa99 reviewers complain about inconsistent quality 

Kapa99 Sample:

5. ManyPixels

Singapore-based ManyPixels launched in 2018. They employ dozens of vetted, full-time designers on projects for over 1,200 customers worldwide, including SMBs, startups, marketing teams, and mid-to-large-sized agencies.

ManyPixels encourages customers to share ideas. They promise to deliver top-notch marketing and designs, and all plans include unlimited requests, revisions, brands, and free stock assets.

ManyPixels plans are: 

  • Essentials for basic designs (1 daily output, best for SMBs)
  • Advanced with custom illustrations, websites, GIFs, logos, presentation decks (most popular with marketing teams) 
  • Business with two daily outputs and prioritized agency support

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleManyPixels
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Essentials: $449/MonthAdvanced:
Business: $899/Month
30-day money-back guarantee
14-day money-back guarantee

ManyPixels Pros:

  • They offer quarterly and annual payment options for cost savings: quarterly plan offers 10% savings off each monthly price tier, the annual plan offers 20% savings 
  • They also offer customized pricing solutions on request
  • Designers work 365 days a year

ManyPixels Cons:

  • No free trial 
  • The money-back-guarantee is only 14-days with conditions (the customer must accept several design revisions before the initial subscription amount is refunded)
  • They do not offer coding (CSS, HTML, JS) or video editing

ManyPixels Sample:

6. Pebbled

Pebbled opened in Australia in 2016 with a tight-knit staff of 20+ people. They operate Monday to Friday (Aussie time), and they strive to respond to customers within one business day through their portal.

Pebbled works by delivering “the most bang for your buck.” They claim to keep subscription prices low by streamlining their services to make sure delivery promises get kept. Their current focus is logos, brochures & flyers, web layouts, t-shirts, and illustrations.

Pebbled offers three monthly plans: 

  • Core for ongoing design needs with a dedicated designer
  • Plus for website design and simultaneous graphic design tasks (most popular plan)
  • Enterprise for multiple graphic design jobs (agencies looking for tasks completed as well as outsourced designs that they can resell)

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PicklePebbled
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Enterprise: $599/Month
30-day money-back guarantee
15-day “free billing period” with no obligations*

Pebbled Pros:

  • Reselling rights on Plus and Enterprise designs
  • 5 second GIF in higher-tier plan
  • Startups and nonprofits may be eligible for a 20% discount (terms apply)

Pebbled Cons:

  • No free trial 
  • 15-day “free billing period” with no obligations is only available on Core plans*
  • No videos, UX/UI, coding (HTML/CSS/JS), Squarespace, complex PDFs, Photoshop, or 3D/CAD

Pebbled Sample:

7. Kimp

If you’re an entrepreneur, solo marketer, small business, or agency with an offbeat sense of humor…you need to check out Kimp’s homepage (who needs a freakin’ pickle when you can “Go Bananas” with Kimp the chimp in his orange superhero getup).

Ontario, Canada-based Kimp offers graphic design and video design for flat monthly fees. You can make unlimited requests (including graphics and videos with the top-tier plan), and you get unlimited revisions.

Kimp offers three monthly plans: 

  • Graphics for daily marketing needs and campaign rollouts
  • Video for content marketing, video designs, and motion graphics editing
  • Graphics + Video for all features, including print, digital, free stock images, videos, audio, and custom illustrations

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleKimp
Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
Graphics + Video: $899/Month
30-day money-back guarantee
You can ask to pause your subscription

Kimp Pros:

  • Free 7-day trial (your payment details do get collected on sign up, but there’s no charge during the first week)
  • New Clients Get 50% Off First Month (sale ends 08-31-21)
  • Your team includes one project manager and three designers
  • Teams work in North America, UK, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, India, Malaysia & Singapore, with Monday to Friday availability
  • Livechat Customer Experience is available seven days a week  

Kimp Cons:

  • No money-back guarantee
  • No ad development, marketing strategy, 3D/CAD, web design, mobile or app design
  • No coding, copywriting, storyboarding, whiteboard videos, or video transcription

Kimp Sample:

8. Flocksy

Gotta tell you—I wouldn’t want to play t-ball with the Flocksy team because they have all the bases covered!

Flocksy started in 2016, and they currently bill themselves as the largest provider of unlimited creative services in the known universe.

All boasting aside, Flocksy does SEO, copywriting, graphic design, video editing, web development…heck, they do voiceovers too! And with clients like Adobe, Forbes, State Farm Insurance, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Flocksy’s got some wicked awesome street cred.

You’d think their pricing plans might get complicated, but Flocksy (kinda) makes it easy.

They offer:

  • The Team Plan with unlimited projects, no contract, and an average turnaround time of just over 11 hours on standard jobs, or 
  • The Access Plan including all Team Plan features plus voiceovers/audio, animated GIFs, web and app designs, and unlimited brand buckets

Pricing (US Dollars):

Design PickleFlocksy

Scale Plan: $499/MonthPro Plan:
The Team Plan:
The Access Plan:
30-day money-back guarantee
14-day money-back guarantee

Flocksy Pros:

  • The Team Plan and The Access Plan both offer quarterly and annual payment options to save off the monthly price tiers: quarterly saves you 10%, annually saves you 15%
  • When you submit projects, a timer appears on their project management platform to indicate the estimated turnaround time 
  • A list of design teams get matched to your project needs, and you get to choose your team 
  • Direct communication with designers on all projects

Flocksy Cons:

  • No free trial
  • Money-back guarantee period less than half of Design Pickle
  • They give no precise details on the experience of their designers or their hiring process
  • Only 1 Active Project with Team Plan diminishes the value of their “unlimited” features

Flocksy Sample:

Thanks for Taking the Time To Crunch on This With Us!

You’re in the know because you realize how essential graphic design services are to the success of your business, and we’ve dished out the tasty goods with our 8 Design Pickle Alternatives.

Take some time to digest this, and feel free to check out your choice (or choices) because these graphic design subscription service websites all have extensive FAQ pages.

Or maybe you’re comparing choices, and you want to see if one competitor will match another’s services. In that case, use the contact form to get an answer from a live representative.

Ok, I guess that’s it.

No…wait a sec, I forgot something…

Of course!

The Super-Handy Conclusion Table

Because who doesn’t find a comparison chart at the end to be hugely satisfying information, right?

Ninja Design StudioDigifloatPenjiKapa99ManyPixelsPebbledKimpFlocksy
Price Tiers
(Monthly Plans)

$1499, $2999, $4999$399, $649, $999$399, $499, $899$399$449,
$549, $899
$299, $599
$399, $599, $899$495,
Unlimited Designs
Unlimited Revisions
Account Managerxxxx
Custom Illustrations (check tier for details)Additional Costx
Video (check tier for details)xxxxxDifferent Plan
(check tier for details)
UI / UX Web
(check tier for details)
UI / UX App
(check tier for details)
Free Trialsxxxxxxx
Money-Back Guarantee30 dayNo15 day15 dayNo14 day15 dayNo14 day
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