Artwork That Gets Noticed.

Let me guess… You hate crappy graphics, right? Because if you’ve looked around the internet, you’ve probably ran into graphics that even a mother wouldn’t even be proud of.

Luckily, there’s Ninja Design Studio.

 Whether you’re looking for a shiny, new logo, a profile picture for your Telegram account, or snazzy artwork for your business, we’ll create that stunning graphic you’ve only thought was possible in your dreams.

Here's What You Get.

  • An amazing illustration (or many) you can keep and HODL forever
  • An image file in PNG or JPEG format, as well as source files upon request
  • Exclusive bragging rights (you’ll get to say your artwork was made by ninjas!)

Here's What You Don't Get.

  • Lame/cheesy/boring illustrations (but if you REALLY want those… We’ll do ’em, too.)
  • A million back-and-forths because your artist didn’t nail your illustration (we’re professionals)
  • Bad customer service (our priority #1 is YOU!)

Choose Your

Ninja Design Studio uses a 3-star system for the quality of work you’ll receive. Choose the number of stars that suits you best and we’ll assign you a suitable ninja to craft your masterpiece.

3 Stars

Simple Designs

One Character

Vectors & 2D Graphics

4 Stars

Advanced Illustrations

Multiple Characters

Optional Animations

5 Stars

World-Class Ninja Designer

Original Ideas & Characters

Any Design Imaginable

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