Pokemon NFTs: Why You Need To Catch Them All

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Read on to discover why Pokemon makes a great NFT, Pokemon NFT categories, and POKE holder benefits.

Its’ no secret that NFTs are booming in 2021. After the NBA proved there is a huge market for collectibles, it was expected for Pokemon to become NFTs – and it did!

Why Pokemon Makes a Great NFT

Pokemon is one of the most widely recognized brands out there. From their Gameboy origin to multiple TV series, collectible card games, mobile games, and a live-action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Pokemon has earned an excellent reputation as a socio-economic phenomenon. There’s simply nothing stopping them! 

Pokemon has all the elements of a great NFT. They have a built-in rarity and are collectible. They also boast a cross-platform existence. Moreover, digital natives involved in digital and micro-transactions have already embraced them. 

By mid-2020, Pokemon had sold 30 billion cards worldwide.

Pokemon is accessible to a wide range of audiences across generations. Fans associate it with joy and happiness. 

NFTs were the perfect solution to give Pokemon a Unique Identifier, allowing it to exist across different mediums and platforms. 

Diving Deeper into the World of Pokemon NFTs

An American YouTuber named Logan Paul minted Pokemon NFTs on Ethereum in February 2021. He launched an NFT series in collaboration with Bondly Finance. The pieces were sold in an auction with Pokemon’s 1st Edition Booster Packs. Each NFT had its own level of rarity and limited quantity. 

Paul spent $2 million to acquire the Pokemon cards. The set of 102 cards was released by Wizards of the Coast in 1999. 

The 1st edition Pokemon packs featured holographic cards, including Hitmanchan, Blastoise, and Charizard, among others. 

Paul was certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to Pokemon collecting. The authentic and engaging content he created brought several other fans into the hobby.   

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of Logan Paul’s NFT Pokemon card.

Pokemon-Inspired NFT Game

Quite interestingly, a Vietnamese start-up called Sky Mavis has designed a Pokemon-inspired video game called Axie Infinity

As a player, you can collect cartoon pets, fight battles with other players, and build farming kingdoms. After accommodating 10,000+ monthly users in 2020, it became the most popular game on the Ethereum network. 

NFT encryption is followed for the characters and land plots. Whether you’re a gamer or collector, you can purchase them on an online marketplace.   

Pokemon Cards NFT Collection

Pokemon Cards NFT Collection at OpenSea aims to collect the most unique Pokemon cards and turn them into digital assets that you can collect. 

Digible also offers a crypto-focused environment featuring coveted Pokemon cards in the form of a NFT. 

Benefits for POKE Holders

POKE holders benefit from ongoing transactions and potential to maximize their profit margin. The ingenious contract mechanism generates the BNB number in the POKE holder wallet. 

Aside from protecting your assets and ensuring transparency, POKECHAIN controls anti-Whales features and profit factors. It creates a safe and reliable ecosystem that empowers holders to manage digital assets, security, and profit. 

You can find PokeCoin details (price, live marketcap, and chart) here

Check out the first official Pokemon NFTs collection here. It features exclusive, limited edition trading cards.

You gotta catch them all!

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