Smooth-Sailin' Stickers.

Woah, there!

There’s no easy way to say this, but con-freakin’-gratulations. Because you just found the best, highest quality stickers on Telegram.


At Ninja Design Studio, we’ll create the most AWESOMEST STICKERS EVER* that your Telegram group will love.

*May contain enormous amounts of awesome.

Here's What You Get.

  • Super-amazing sticker(s) you’ll love to show off in your TG group, in the default size of 512×512 pixels
  • Sticker files in the PNG format, as well as added inside the Telegram app as a sticker pack in .TGS format
  • A virtual hug or fist-bump

Here's What You Don't Get.

  • Lame/cheesy/boring stickers (but if you REALLY want those… We’ll do ’em, too.)
  • Stickers that look like Lucy Loo in Kindergarten made them during her recess time.
  • Bad customer service (our priority #1 is YOU!)

Choose Your

Ninja Design Studio uses a 3-star system for the quality of work you’ll receive. Choose the number of stars that suits you best and we’ll assign you a suitable ninja to craft your masterpiece.

3 Stars

Static sticker

1 sticker

Simple Vector illustration

4 Stars

Cool animated sticker

1 sticker

60 Frames Per Second

5 Stars

Professional animated stickers

12 stickers pack

60 Frames Per Second

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