Videos That Tell a Story.


Stand out from your competitors!

A custom video helps you connect with people, make them understand what you have to offer, and inspires them to take action.

Whether it’s professional voiceover videos, explainer videos, 2D or 3D animated videos, videos for Kickstarter, or infographic videos, we got you covered.

Here's What You Get.

  • A native English Ninja writer who’s been trained with a keyboard in hand since the age of 2
  • Fast turnaround times (1 week or less, depending on your word count)
  • 2 free minor revisions per article

Here's What You Don't Get.

  • Robotic or monotonous-sounding articles. We don’t want to put our readers to sleep
  • A million grammar errors in your article (we prioritize grammar!)
  • An inexperienced writer (ours are professional only)

Choose Your

Ninja Design Studio uses a 3-star system for the quality of work you’ll receive. Choose the number of stars that suits you best and we’ll assign you a suitable ninja to craft your masterpiece.

3 Stars

Up to 10 seconds Animated logo video

Music and Free Voiceover (Native English Male/Female)

YouTube Thumbnails Included

4 Stars

Up to 1 Minute Promotion Video or 10 Minutes Screen Recording

Original Scripts and Music

Original Animation or Screen Recording

Free Voiceover (Native English Male/Female)

Optimized Video Titles and YouTube Description

Social Media Video Stories & Thumbnails Included

5 Stars

30 Second to 2 Minutes+ Custom Illustrated Animation


Sound Effect

Background Music

Free Pro Voiceover (Native English Male/Female)

Social Media Stories, Posts, and YouTube Thumbnails Included

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